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Welcome to Ingolstadt-Manching Airport -
"in the heart of Bavaria"

Ingolstadt-Manching Airport offers an excellent infrastruture and short distances to all Bavarian business centres.
These advantages make Ingolstadt-Manching Airport your most convenient gateway to southern Germany.

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Identifier ETSI/IGS Opening hours & PPR
Coordinates N48 42.9' E011 32.1', ELEV 1202 ft Service fees (pdf-file)
Runways 07R/25L (2940 m), 07L/25R (2439 m) Customs regulations 
Approach facilities ILS, PAR, NDB, GPS

TWR frequency 125.255 MHz METAR ETSI (only for information)
OPS frequency 131.700 MHz TAF ETSI (only for information)


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